Sci fi movies are the best

Fortunately, bigger budgets and leaps in special effects technology now allows for a more realistic outer space experience, complete with hungry aliens eagerly seeking out their next human meal.

Sci fi movies are the best

All genres have a different purpose; we have comedies to make us laugh, dramas to make us cry etc. One genre stands out as the most cerebrally connected with our true being however, and that is the genre of science fiction. Science fiction, like most genres, has grown exponentially more immersive over the years with the emergence of video games and 3D film.

This relationship is truly meta, seeing as it is the strongest link between science and aesthetics in existence. Through science fiction, one is given freedom to not only lose themselves in a thought-provoking story, but also learn more about their own nature through the genre.

The content of a sci-fi story may all be theoretical, but ultimately it opens the minds of humanity to understanding the connection between ethos and pathos by carrying a story about logic, although with relatable characters that have emotion.

It is unfortunate that we live in a world where some people truly shun out science as theory rather than a search for truth, but we all know this is a fact. Science fiction has shown many lost hearts the wonder of the stars above them.

Nowadays, about half of all scientists and astronauts claim science fiction has had some kind of effect on them over the years that have influenced their endeavors into both the known and unknown. Today, science fiction is more popular than ever.

There has also been a massive uprising in the rate of scientific discovery, resulting in the past ten years being the most scientifically productive decade since the beginning of time. This has yielded a grown interest in scientific findings among not just the youth, but adults as well.

A lot of this can be traced back to the convenience of the internet. People no longer have to subscribe to a monthly science mag or hope that recent discoveries are mentioned in the most recent newspaper. Now, people can simply get online and search for true scientific facts and recent findings.

We are truly living in the golden age of discovery. The modern era has directly shown us the excitement and emotional reaction to this influx of scientific knowledge through the various entertainment mediums of today.

Nowhere is this more apparent than at the movies. Over the past 15 years, we have seen some of the best science fiction since the beginnings of film.

The content has grown bolder, the effects have become hyper-real, and the overall effect of a modern great science fiction film has become undeniably breathtaking.

Sci fi movies are the best

There have been several titles each year that shake both the box office and the world of scientific theory itself. The characters in the movie accidentally stumble upon a means of time-travel and what ensues is pure cerebrally challenging story-telling.

The ultimate result of the film resembles early episodes of Twilight Zone, but its dark, droll tone makes it a truly unique achievement.

Jake Gylenhaal assumes the main role in this time-travel thriller that I must say is the closest film to this years Edge of Tomorrow that I have ever seen. He soon finds himself in a loop and slowly uncovers the truth behind the events. Well, just wait until the final act.

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Abrams and his production company, Bad Robot, decided to create this nostalgic masterpiece. It also uses modern cinematic technicalities, effects, and plot devices that help revitalize the genre. District 9 Easily one of the most popular films of our era, District 9 took over theaters in to critical acclaim.

The movie has a lot of heart… And a lot of blue blood. Since District 9, Blomkamp has released Elysium and is currently working on what looks like may be his finest since District 9, a film about an innocent AI unit going through this life searching for itself called Chappie.

Due to the explosion and aftershock of District 9, it looks like Blomkamp is here to stay.Sci-fi isn’t easily defined, but in determining the top 25 sci-fi movies of the last 17 years, we’ve done our best. No fantasy-super hero movies here; for an action, horror, or animated movie.

Home: Site Index Home 80 Great Posters of Not So Great & Even Worse Sci-Fi Movies - Fittingly, our spread begins with 2 of Ed Wood's multi-defective science fiction efforts and mainly ascends upward, including many of Roger Corman's American-International '2-forshock-shows'.

Sci-Fi Movies new and best hollywood releases. #1. (4,) D Released. The experimental craft was designed to generate an artificial black hole to bridge two points in space-time, but when a rescue crew is dispatched to investigate the spaceship's mysterious disappearance, they soon discovers that the Event Horizon has someone or something on board that is toying with them.

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