Nusserwanjee building

Fourth Edition Bombay, It was at first reprinted from the Journal of the Society in The second edition was published with a few alterations in The third edition was published with the omission of the quotations given in the earlier editions in the Avesta character in

Nusserwanjee building

Yasht 8, Tir, Yasht 10, Meher, Yasna 11, Hom Yasht, 4, 7, 10, 13, Yasna 62, Atash Niyayesh, 10; Vendidad Yasht 10, Mihr, 3; Yasht Hom Yasht, Yasna X, 22; XII, A Zoroastrian woman often prayed for a good, healthy child. Atash Niyayesh, Yasna Yasht 5 Aban Among the Achaemenians, a wife who gave birth to many children was a favourite with her husband, who did not like to displease her in any way.

Every year, the king sends rich gifts to the man, who can show the largest number: In the Avesta itself, we find no references to any ceremony or rite during the state of pregnancy. The only allusion we find is this: Coming to later Pahlavi and Persian books, we find, that the Shayest ne-Shayest directs, that, when it is known that a lady of the family has become pregnant, a fire may be maintained most carefully in the house.

The reason, assigned for this in the Pahlavi and Persian books, is that the fire, so kindled in the house, keeps out daevas, i. Again, a fire or a lamp is even now taken to be symbolical of the continuation of a line of offspring.

X, 4; XII, According to the Avesta, in the state of pregnancy, a woman is to be looked after very carefully. It is wrong for the husband to have sexual intercourse with her in her advanced state of [4] pregnancy, which, according to the Rivayats, commences with the fifth month.

Four months ten days.

Life and Work

Shayast ne Shayast, Chap. X, 20; XII, 13, S.

Nusserwanjee building

The fifth and the seventh months of pregnancy, observed as days of rejoicing.The Wadia family is a Parsi family from Surat, India currently based in Mumbai, India and the United States.

The family is related to the politically prominent Jinnah family—Neville Wadia was married to Dina Jinnah—the only child of Muhammad Ali Jinnah and Rattanbai Petit. The present head of the house is Nusli Wadia, son of Neville and Dina, who runs the Wadia Group of companies.

KARACHI, Jan As part of its various community projects and going with the city government`s `adopt a park` scheme, the Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture began working on Nusserwanjee. Nusserwanjee Building was designed in the Colonial style with rich detailing of the stone facade.

It is a true representation of the colonial commercial architecture of the late 19th and early 20th century. The Nusserwanjee Building Project is unique in the architectural history of the subcontinent.

It is a year old Kharadar landmark, named after Karachi philanthropist, Jamshed Nusserwanjee. Bombay Dockyard—also known as Naval Dockyard—is an Indian shipbuilding yard at Mumbai. Nusserwanjee Building Fund was established as per the objective is to maintain the historical Nusserwanjee building which was relocated from old Kharadar area to IVS campus.

It is the biggest relocation project of its kind in subcontinent and a pride for IVS as well as for the City of Karachi.

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