Lahore museum

Lahore museum is such a place that has a large collection of objects of historical value.

Lahore museum

Weather authorities are forecasting more downpours throughout the country Saturday, with floods and landslides expected in Lahore museum southwestern province of Sichuan.

Heavy rain and flooding hits much of China this time every year, often with hundreds killed, but the number of casualties this year has been relatively low, at least in the early summer, with one province reporting 12 dead and another three. The National Meteorological Center said rainfall could exceed 80 millimeter 3 inches per hour in some regions Saturday.

It also warned of floods in the northeast and called on authorities to halt outdoor activities and watch out for collapsing structures. The flood-prone Yangtze river, which runs from Yunnan in the southwest to Jiangsu and Shanghai on the east coast, has seen a massive increase in water volumes, causing flooding in many of its tributaries and bringing water volumes in the giant Three Gorges reservoir close to record levels.

Floods in the province had caused damage to the tune of about 2. Meanwhile, the nearby city of Chongqing had evacuated more than 80, residents by Friday, Xinhua reported. Heavy rain has also caused the Yellow River, which runs through northern China, to burst its banks, blocking a section of a railway line in the northwest province of Shaanxi.

Gansu province, also in the northwest, reported 12 people killed and more than 1 million affected by a week of heavy rain and flooding, the official China Daily said on Saturday. The normally arid region of Inner Mongolia, which had suffered weeks of drought, also issued a flood warning Friday.Tender Notice 72/ For Supply of General Store, Stationary, Tonners and Led Bulbs National College of Arts, Lahore.

Sealed tenders are invited from the reputed firms/companies registered with tax department for supplies of Stationary Items, General Store . Lahore Museum’s majestic red-brick building stands on Shahrahe-Quaid-e-Azam, previously known as the Mall.

Lahore museum

Blended with the old tradition of Mughal Archite. Lahore museum is such a place that has a large collection of objects of historical value.

This museum is situated on the Mall. It was established in the year and it is right in front of Punjab University. Lahore Museum Government of Punjab Jobs For (Multiple Categories): The Government of Pakistan has announced a number of jobs of different categories ranging from research officers to hawaladar in Lahore Museum.

We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Lahore Museum is basically Shakir Ali Museum. I fell in love with this place when first time saw it in Since then I visit this place when I am at Lahore, only if is closed I missed it/5(K).

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