Europes ethnic minorities

The different identity of an ethnic minority may be displayed in any number of ways, ranging from distinctive customs, lifestyles, language or accent, dress, and food preferences to particular attitudes, moral values, and economic or political beliefs espoused by members of the group. Characteristically the minority is recognized, but it is not necessarily accepted by the larger society in which its members live. The nature of the relationship of the ethnic minority to the larger society will tend to determine whether the minority group will move in the direction of assimilation in the larger society or toward self-segregation.

Europes ethnic minorities

Roshtaria and the other human lands of El-Hazard: For the Evillious Chronicles franchise, all of the setting is inspired by real world countries and their cultures. It takes place on the fictional continent of Bolganio, which is overall Eurasia, with the titular region of Evillious being Europe.

Some of these countries later form the Union State of Evillious, representing the modern European Union, and on the Eastern side of the continent in a Japan parallel. Off the continent is Maistia, which parallels the Americas.

Europes ethnic minorities

The Familiar of Zero takes place in a suspiciously medieval European setting. Based on the names which are simply archaic names for the nations they representTristain is Belgium or the Netherlands, Albion is Britain complete with a rebel leader named Europes ethnic minoritiesGallia is France, Romalia is Italy, and Germania is obviously Germany.

Europes ethnic minorities

This is a little more complex. Halkeginia Europe counterpart is loosely based on seventeenth century Europe: There is also an unnamed state which could be Spain or Portugal.

Shinka in Flower Flower is a counterpart to India. Fullmetal Alchemist The country of Amestris is based on a combination of European countries. Character names are based on names found in various European nations such as the U. The technology used is the same or similar to the technology found around World War II.

Ishval is perhaps the counterpart of the Western Asian countries, and Word of God states she took inspiration from the plight of the Ainu people.

There is no Xing in the anime-verse; however, a passing reference to an eastern country, along with chopsticks and Asian-looking characters existing, imply a similar country exists. Dozens of planets are clones of The Wild West — it pretty much seems to be the default setting for a planet in this universe.

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The Planet of Forgotten Parents is the Philippines. Planet Fury is New York City. Planet Future is Canada. Windy Hill is Scotland.

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One of the most obvious is the Shildkraut nation. Fahren is mostly based off of Chinese culture and stereotypes, although it does have a few Japanese things such as ninjas. This is explicitly lampshaded by Fuu. However, they also have Osakan accents.

In Mai-Otomeset in the distant future on another planet, there are some more or less evident matches between fictional and real nations, at least judging by the names of known inhabitants.

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Klaus comes from a small German state that was conquered by the Western Alliance superstate, also primarily German.The churning of European populations and influx of migrants have rendered some indigenous peoples minorities and created societies that are rich in ethnic, linguistic, and cultural diversity.

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POLICY RECOMMENDATIONS. Comprehend the challenge: Broaden European understanding of security in this hybrid war and invest more in effective analysis and intelligence on the the Presidential Administration in particular, and identify the individual curators and their methods.

In the context of European ethnography in particular, the terms ethnic group, people (without nation state), nationality, national minority, ethnic minority, linguistic community, linguistic group, linguistic minority and genetic haplogroup are used as mostly synonymous, although preference may vary in usage with respect to the situation specific to the individual countries of Europe.

Pan and Pfeil () count 87 distinct "peoples of Europe", of which 33 form the majority population in at least one sovereign state, while the remaining 54 constitute ethnic minorities.

The total number of national minority populations in Europe is estimated at million people, or 14% of million Europeans. FUEN is the umbrella organisation of the autochthonous, national minorities and ethnic groups in Europe: Self-Conception.

An ethnic minority is a group of people who differ in race or color or in national, religious, or cultural origin from the dominant group — often the majority population — of the country in which they live. Creating a completely new culture from scratch can be a daunting task. Think about everything the word culture encompasses—music, food, clothing, etiquette, dance, religion, and combative traditions, to name a few, and even if one manages to pull it off, one runs the risk of ruining audience's. Welcome to Stormfront. We are a community of racial realists and idealists. We are White Nationalists who support true diversity and a homeland for all peoples, including ours. We are the voice of the new, embattled White minority! The truth is "hate" to those who hate the truth!

The autochthonous, national minorities / ethnic groups are the minorities that came into being as a result of developments in European history, as a result of change in borders and other historical events.