Enterprise social networking updated

Bottom Line The eXo Platform helps organizations create and manage a social intranet to improve efficiency through enterprise collaboration, social learning, and the sharing of knowledge and ideas.

Enterprise social networking updated

History[ edit ] Social networking sites started to form in the s; an example of these websites is Theglobe. As other websites such as GeoCities and Tripod.

They also provided easy-to-use publishing tools along with free web space. Businesses eventually realized that social networking websites could provide a fast and efficient way of marketing. Social media websites are great places for businesses to reach their customers, and the environment can provide a means for growing a business.

Inas social networking websites were becoming more and more popular, Myspace had more page views than Google. Myspace was followed by Facebook which started in February When Facebook began, users were limited to college students in the United Stateswho had to use a college email with a.

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In September some high schools were allowed to join the network, but they needed an invitation to join. In OctoberMicrosoft purchased a 1. That gave them the right Enterprise social networking updated place international ads on Facebook.

In July it was reported that Facebook had more than million active users. This means that one out of fourteen people around the world is a Facebook user. The growth of Facebook was a boom in the social networking space.

Init was reported that there were more than social networking websites on the web. Some companies are starting to teach their employees about cloud computing and SaaS.

These new technologies are being added to the enterprise social networks. These networks are being implemented to get employees collaborating and sharing tips and ideas about how to improve the workplace. Some social networks are homegrown systems that are built internally. Companies are using social networks to trade information amongst team members or other people who are part of the company.

Sometimes this might also mean trading documents in real time. Different companies have embraced social networking and they are creating their own internal social networking sites.

IBM is one example and they have created the Beehive research project, based on their Lotus Connections product. These companies want to gain the trust of their clients. While the information is free and publicly available, contributions are limited to those provided by medical professionals.

Deloitte has been a pioneer in its use of the corporate social networking applications for consulting. In addition to using social networking to market the enterprise, companies are involving customers in the design process. Chicago company Threadless invites their customers to submit their T-shirt designs to the Threadless web site for review by other customers.

Smart companies are also involving their customers in technical support using enterprise social networking. The use of enterprise social networking must be championed at the highest levels of the enterprise to provide the resources needed and promote adoption throughout the organization.

The lack of adoption is a complex issue with many theories put forward: Perception[ edit ] There is often an assumption that social networking will not work well in a particular industry or that its use may be perceived as unprofessional. In addition the ability to justify use of enterprise social networking, based on return on investment is not always readily apparent.

However once employees see usage by other employees, they often begin seeing the value and hence engaging and contributing content. Some people will argue that this[ clarification needed ] is just a part of globalization and the growth of technology, while others will still believe that it[ clarification needed ] is a right for any citizen, and will never change their views and perspectives about their privacy.

With the increase in popularity of social networking, many users have given up their personal privacy in order to join these networks. Privacy can become a huge issue at the enterprise level, when customer and employee data are at stake.

Enterprise social networking updated

Security concerns must be addressed prior to embarking upon creation of an enterprise social network. Light, Ben and McGrath, Kathy Behavioral issues[ edit ] One of the significant areas of concern with the use of social networking internally within organisations is the impact and effect of behavioral issues.

As the interactions within a social network are loosely coupled to business process and structured information systems, the effect of individual personalities and human psychology become more pronounced within social networks. Such emerging concerns cover issues such as attention management, death by trivia, dominant personalities, behavioral adoption and influence strategies.

A Parent's Guide to Myspace. Facebook's social network graphing: Retrieved on January 19, Project team members can use enterprise social networking software to work closely together on group activities and tasks.

The system can keep all users updated on the latest developments. Human interactions through open source enterprise social network software transcend the rigid hierarchical structure, contributing to information flow between departments and geographical locations.

Create communities of interests with spaces. This is the world spun by people pushing collaboration platforms and enterprise social networks as the panacea to our collaboration woes. The reality is that the landscape is littered with failed.

Enterprise social networking applications are used in organizations to give employees and other stakeholders a virtual community where they can exchange information, set up and promote initiatives.

By looking at the reasons behind enterprise social networking adoption in large corporations we can begin to understand why social business tools are not living up to their hype or potential. Enterprise social networking is changing business communication for the better. It is time for business to update, innovate and officially replace email.

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