Business plan maken voorbeelden zuivere

Dit vraagstuk wordt behandeld in twee artikelen van voormalig vlieger Peer Dekkers Ltkol. Met toestemming van de auteur nemen we het artikel over met enkele kleine actualisaties.

Business plan maken voorbeelden zuivere

Can you describe the event and its goals? RM We had an opening seminar of the newly founded institute in a place called Boteka in the northwest of the country. It was held right next to Plantations et Huileries du Congo, where Lord Lever- hulme received a concession from the Belgium colonial government in This new institute will start a gentrification programme there, which may be provocative as a term.

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However, they may change a lot in places where such art is shown, distributed and taught, places that happen to be mostly the former colonial centres—New York, Brussels, London, and Berlin. In general, such art creates a good atmosphere where museums are built, coffee shops open, boutiques with designer jeans.

There are many examples of this accumulation of capital, intellectual and maybe even artistic, but also financial capital through the arts. I thought, well, all this should be taken into account as a basic parame- ter of artistic production and we should start such a gentrification pro- gramme as the intervention.

The trip also included visiting some of the plantation villages where workers live. Some of these Batwa people have been working for Unilever plan- tations recently sold to the London-based firm Feronia for genera- tions.

Basically they live in concrete, barrack-like buildings build during the s, with dirt floors and no electricity, no plumbing or sewage, much like company towns, but without any amenities. All the stores and schools appear to have long since shut down.

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The con- ditions are really absolutely shocking. Your project intends to inter- vene in that local economy by bringing resources via education and artistic training. How will the institute work more specifically?

RM The Institute for Human Activities aims to build an art centre, a museum, a residency programme, and a school to provide master classes.


We will offer training for plantation workers in art practice. And there will be artists from Kinshasa and from other African cities that we will invite.

business plan maken voorbeelden zuivere

We will also include people from the West. In the end, hope- fully, we can help these plantation workers, who now, truth be told, already work for us indirectly in a very old-fashioned type of econ- omy, via physical labour paid per day or per hour.

business plan maken voorbeelden zuivere

We will try and help them enter into the new immate- rial and affective economy. TJD So the institute will act as a kind of education centre and later a site of exhibition for the emerging artists.Mar 31,  · Keep (it) Swinging A weekly web log in Dutch and English to share my passion for jazz, jazz-related music, record collecting and other music projects that surprise me.

| Een wekelijkse weblog in het Engels en het Nederlands waarin ik mijn passie voor jazz, jazz-verwante muziek, platenverzamelen en verrassende projecten met anderen wil delen. KWR – de kennisonderneming The knowledge enterprise Ja a rversla g | Annual R eport Meer artikelen, foto’s en video’s in ons online jaarverslag More articles,.

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