Apush slavery dbq

Underprivileged natives of places including India, China, and Japan sought a better life in the Americas and Africa; however, lacking a sufficient amount of money for basic commodities, such people were promised food and housing from their employers in exchange for their labor.

Apush slavery dbq

Rice was one of the most valuable commodities of mainland North America, surpassed only by tobacco and wheat. The Atlantic slave trade grew to match rice production.

Overseers could legally punish slaves and even murder them. Many slaves run and some rebel. Most slaves remained enslaved, but built up families and communities, mixing African traditions with their new homeland.

Enslaving Christians, but not Africans or Muslims, disturbed many Europeans. Portuguese expansion in West Africa was motivated by access to gold, wrought iron, ivory, tortoiseshells, textiles, and slaves previously dominated by the Moors, or Spanish Muslims. European slaves left the slave hunting to the African traders.

Sugar and Slavery Slaves were imported to work sugar plantations in Hispaniola and Brazil, among other islands. The Dutch expanded the European sugar market, leading France and England to start island sugar colonies as well.

West Africans Marriage kinship ties, practicing polygamy, characterized societies on the West African coast. Women enjoyed social and economic independence. Shifting cultivation, cultivating land for several years then moving on while the cleared land lay fallow, helped build up African communities and commerce, creating states and Apush slavery dbq.

Kingdoms on the coast were the ones who first traded with the Portuguese. Slavery in African society was much freer; slaves were treated as family members rather than possessions, were allowed to marry, and had freeborn children.

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There were twice as many male African slaves as female; most slaves were young, between 15 and 30, and represented nearly every West African ethnic group. Slavers of All Nations All western European nations participated in the slave trade, shipping slaves from coastal outposts and, later, through independent American and European traders.

The Shock of Enslavement Many slave traders lived permanently in coastal outposts and married local women, reinforcing commercial ties through family relations. Many slaves resented African involvement in the slave trade.

Most Africans were enslaved through warfare. As the demand for slaves increased, slave raids pressed deeper into the continent. Historians estimate that 1 in 6 slaves died from the unsanitary conditions, extreme crowding, and diseases.

Many committed suicide as an act of rebellion on the slave ships. Captains resorted to putting netting over the side of their ships. Arrival in the New World When the slaves arrived, their captors would parade them around to impress buyers.

The slave raiding was depopulating Africa as many died during the raids and the rest were sent off to be sold. The arrival of European goods stifled local manufacturing while agriculture lost labor.

The slave trade allowed for the political, economic, and military conquest of Africa. Slaves cost twice as much as indentured servants, but had about the same life span in the disease-ridden Chesapeake.

Apush slavery dbq

Consequently, most planters employed more indentured servants than slaves. This was termed society with slaves, where slavery was just one form of labor. In this type of society, the status of black Virginians was ambiguous; many owned slaves and land themselves, even with the lack of religious distinction among them.

In slave society, slavery is the dominant form of labor.

Apush slavery dbq

As indentured servants became scarce as less English immigrated, their labor was replaced with slavery. The Tobacco Colonies The growth of tobacco required the growth of the slave trade. The natural growth of the slaver population served to increase the profits of their owners, and so was encouraged.

The Lower South Settlement in the south was a slave society from the outset, using native slaves. However, this soon shifted to African slaves as the South began producing more rice.

Slavery in the Spanish Colonies Spanish settlements employed slaves, the most benign form being the kind in Florida, which resembled the system in use in Mediterranean and African society. Spain declared Florida a haven for fugitives to weaken southern English colonies.Chapter 4: Slavery and Empire - APUSH Note Site: Out of Many AP Edition 8/27/12 PM.

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APUSH DBQ ESSAY From to , the United States gained their independence and began their formation of a new country. During this period, the ideas of the Revolutionary War had an influence on the African Americans.

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